Dr Moahmmed Amin Adam

The cedi will stabilise after completion of debt exchange – Finance Minister

Dr Moahmmed Amin Adam, the Finance Minister has assured that the current cedi depreciation will halt in the medium and long term.

He said the Ghanaian currency will stabilize after the completion of the domestic debt exchange.

But for recent pressures, we are seeing on exchange rate movements, the exchange rate has been largely stabilised with the depreciation of the cedi against the US Dollar halving from 54.2% at the end of Nov 2022 to 27.8% at the end of Dec 2023.

“The Cedi’s stability has continued into 2024, with a cumulative depreciation of 14.2% as of 20th May 2024, compared to 20.7% recorded in the same period in 2023. We expect the cedi’s stability to improve into the medium-term as we complete debt restructuring, make more progress on fiscal consolidation, and improve our reserves over the medium-term.”

“The recent pressures we are observing on the cedi is largely on the back of the strengthening of the US Dollar against major trading currencies, seasonal forex demand including elevated demand from corporate institutions, payment to contractors and to IPPs, high Cedi liquidity and speculation.”

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